Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Soft D's

I was on Etsy a few weeks ago as I was looking for ideas and found this listing.  Horsepower Studios will take your child's two-dimensional drawing and turn it into a three-dimensional object.

I know my kids love taking their mini toys and creating imaginary scenes where their objects interact with each other. When I saw this listing, I was imagining the characters  my son used to draw and having them come alive. I could hear the lively conversations.

I wrote to Wylie and asked her what inspired here to create these soft dimensional objects or Soft Ds. It began with her oldest daughter and the stories adn drawings she would bring home from school. She loved the bizarre creatures her daughter imagined. Well as it turns out, Aeriel is no different from any other child and she loves stuffed animals. Wylie decided turn one of her own hand-drawn creatures into a stuffed, 3d “animal” that she could hold. She's not sure who was more pleased with the result, her or Aeriel.

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