Saturday, July 24, 2010

Night Lights

Turn your child's artwork into a night light.  Artwork is placed between glass, foiled and soldered together. They are available from Budding Artists. Crafted locally. $20 +HST+ shipping.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Aero Art Bar

The Ithaca Fine Chocolate Company  (Ithaca, NY) produces certified fair trade organic chocolate bars. I, especially love the Art Bars. Each bar contain art cards that can be found in between the label and the wrapper. It was fun to buy and more fun to eat. Every bar had a different image of artwork that was available for purchase from the company.

I was thinking of them recently and it gave me the idea of using children's artwork on the label. I also found it in a book called D.I.Y. Kids. So today, I went out with my son and we purchased an Aero bar and a Caramilk bar. They seemed smaller than I what I remember from childhood. These are the results. I really like how they turned out so I am planning on buying the better chocolate and making a bunch of them. I am thinking they would be great as hostess gifts and for our annual family birthday gathering in September.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Art Journals

Here's a nice idea...Take your child's artwork and create a journal cover with it. Try  Digital Artwear in Florida. The journal covers are made of fabric. You can also order extra lined or blank  paper. There is a minimum order of 6 journals for the same image. Each journal is about US$7.50

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ted Harrison

Canadian Artist, Ted Harrison came to Canada in the 1970's.  Originally from England, he settled in the Yukon for decades before moving to  Victoria, BC.

This is a wonderful project to do in conjunction with  a study on Canadian provinces. I use the book O Canada. All the pictures are created by Ted Harrison. Each province and territory is featured. (Nunavut is not included since it was not a territory yet when the book was published)

I begin by looking at the art and asking the students to guess  which province is being portrayed by looking at the symbols represented. I have made it into a game. Each centre has 3 art pictures and 4 province and/or territory names. Students have 2 minutes to figure out which province or territory is represented and why.

I then ask them what each of the pictures have in common. 
Curvy lines, vivid  "magic"colours, fore, middle and background, simple subjects

For the art project, I ask the students to choose a simple subject ( buildings, flowers, trees, sail boats, animals) and place in the centre ( middle ground) of their picture. Then to add a foreground and then a background. Remind students that things in the foreground are bigger than the middle ground object. I also encourage the use of  curvy lines. I also let them know that the horizon line is about a third of the page from the bottom.

Foreground could be sidewalks, bushes, grasses, water, animals
Middle Ground: trees buildings, mountains, seashore, animals
Background: sky, mountains, buildings

The students can use pastels or paints to finish their pictures.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Art Program in London, Ontario

Monday Drop In Programs

Every Monday 10-12 pm, Drop by for a one hour craft. Sample activites are: card making, marbled paper, $10 per child. There will be no workshop on the Civic Holiday.

July 5: Printmaking

July 12: Marbled Paper

July 19: Painting with Plasticine

July 26: Candlemaking

Design Your Own Workshops 10-12 pm $30 or $20 without the Budding Artists Product.

Each workshop will feature a master artist. Using inspration from the artist, children will participate in games, stories and art activities.After each session, Budding Artists will use their artwork create a customized gift.

Tuesday, July 20: Vincent Van Gogh Nightlights

Wednesday, July 21 Andy Warhol Coasters

Thursday, July 22 Georgia OKeeffe Garden Stakes

Friday, July 23 Alexander Calder Bookbags

Tuesday, July 27 Amadeo Modiglini Ceramic Mugs

Thursday, July 29 Jackson Pollack T-Shirts

Friday, July 30 Paul Klee Iron Trivet

Art workshops and Drop Ins are limited to 6 participants. Email us at or call 519.639.4588 to reserve your space. Workshops will be held at 252 Wortley Road.