Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artist Suitcase

At the beginning of every school year,  I send home a suitcase and I ask the students to bring 5 things that represent themselves and their familes. The suitcase contains a journal and markers. After March Break, I send the suitcase home again. This time it contains art supplies. Students take turns bringing home the suitcase. The student has a few days to come up with an art masterpiece. I give each student paper canvas 12"x12" and they can do anything they want. When they present their work to the class, they answer the following questions: What inspired you? What materials did you use? What do you like about your piece.  What would you do differently next time?  The expectation is that they use art terminology and be able to articulate areas of improvement and identify elements of design. Its a fun activity and the kids are excited about doing their homework.

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