Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Apps for iPhone

I got an iPhone in early January and I absolutley love it!  My favourite art app is called ART by ADS Software. Its a huge gallery at your finger tips. It has bios of master artists and a collection of high quality resolutions of their masterpieces. I have learned so much by just casually reading about artists I have never heard of. For example, I was looking through the the Most Expensive Art Tab and I found an artist called Pontormo. His painting "Portrait of a Halberdier" (1528-1530) which sold for $60.5 million in 1989.
The App allowsyou to download your favourite masterpieces to a gallery and you can use them as wallpaper for your phone or admire them through a slideshow. It has a quiz so you can test your knowledge. Good thing to do while waiting ...

Also on my phone, I have MOMA, I doodle, Sketch Me, CameraBag, Best Camera and ShutterCal

For more iPhone art apps, check out this article from the Teaching Palette 30 Best Apps for Art Teachers. Have fun!

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