Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Name Mandalas

I found this on someone's blog. I read so many to gain inspiration that I have forgotten where I got this from. Teach Kids Art had it on their blog recently. One of the wonderful things about blogs is that we get great ideas from each other and share with our readers. I am pretty sure, I first saw this idea somewhere else too.
Make this mandala using your name. Take a square piece of paper and divide into 8 triangles. On one triangle, write your name in block letters. use a window to trace your name into the other triangles. At the creases, you can close your block letter or leave open. After trace with a black sharpie and then erase pencil lines. Colour your mandala. You can also begin with a circle and divide into 8 triangles. Its so cool. Kids love trying to figure out the names of each mandala.

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