Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is a fantastic service. Shuttercal is a calendar based photography site.Everyday, I upload a picture from my iPhone to document our life in London, ON. Once a photo is uploaded you can then use any of them to send a postcard for US$3. It is printed, stamped and mailed.  This means I can send a personalized postcard to my parents every week when they are living in the Philippines. They are luddites and do not have access to internet.  I figure that I have to spend over $1 for one stamp. For $3, I can send a beautiful crafted personalized postcard from my computer. No hassle of buying stamps and then finding a mailbox. The postcard is printed on heavy duty cardstock (not on flimsy cardboard). So, why not send your child's artwork on a postcard to someone special today? Check out the Kidsartwork site I created and enjoy the art.

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