Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Art?

Why Art?

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls" ~ Pablo Picasso
Isn't that a truth that is forgotten in the busyness that often equals daily life. When schools cut art programs in order to save precious dollars for their budgets, it is a travesty for society as a whole. Picasso knew that and so does Andrea Mulder-Slater of Kinder Art, as she notes "It's been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain." Its called imagination and we at Budding Artists know how important that is.

Metal Sculpture created by Acme Animal
As an outlet for creativity, emotional expression, social commentary and more, art is not only important, but is also an integral part of life. It is found from the beginnings of recorded time in the likes of cave paintings, all the way up to modern art that appears everywhere we look - social media, television, newspapers, magazines, and advertisements galore. You can find art anywhere from the simple lamp sitting on your desk, to the shape of a building designed by a master architect. Art can take on the form of paintings, murals, sculptures, tattoos, glass and metal ornaments, plus so much more. If you look at anything with an aesthetic eye, you can see art in its very nature.

Child's Picasso-inspired sculpture
from Budding Artists Summer Camp
If art is everywhere, but not always seen or valued, how do we encourage it in young minds? Sometimes the easiest lesson is in handing a child a piece of blank paper and a marking utensil of some sort (ie. crayon, marker, chalk, pastel) and asking them to create. Tell a class of children to draw something they see, and watch the number of representations that emerge - a different picture for every child. The key is to value that creativity and watch where a child runs with it. Don't worry about if a picture is drawn within the lines or an apple is coloured purple. See the value in the thinking and creating that the child attempts.

What would they do with a pine cone? How would they use a  block? If you handed them glue, what objects would children seek to create a collage of their very own? When a child's brain starts to question, examine, ponder and imagine, it grows in leaps and bounds. They learn about colour, time, space, and in the process, develop self-esteem, self-discipline, motivation and more. It is our responsibility, as parents and teachers, to ensure that creativity is sparked and flourishes in a child's mind. Children are the next generation of sculptors, painters, designers, and artists. They provide the colour of life and that cannot be underscored enough.

Just one of eco-friendly art supplies
that Budding Artists carries
So how do you promote your child's creativity? What tools do you offer them to create art? If your answer is a little flat, let Budding Artists help to spark some life back into your child's art. We have eco-friendly art supplies that any parent can be proud to offer their children. If you stop by our Open House and Christmas Sale (944 Western Counties Rd, behind Parkwood Hospital), this Saturday, November 24th, from 10 am -2 pm, you will also get 10% off any purchases you make, plus you can start the creative juices flowing at a free craft activity. You might even decide to sign your child up for one of our workshops. It is a step in the right direction.

We'll put the snacks out, just to be sure you make it. See you there!

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