Monday, November 5, 2012

Reach Out and Touch Someone

It takes a village to raise a child ~ African Proverb
The meaning behind that of course is that many people influence a child's life. The same holds true for everyone in fact. We do not exist in a bubble. Every day we touch family, friends, acquaintances, business associates and even stranger's lives. From the grocery clerk, to the gas bar attendant, to your spouse at home, the people in our world shape who we are and how we view our place in it. That goes for how we raise our children and even how we interact in business settings. You cannot walk through life entirely alone, nor should you.

The same holds true for Budding Artists. While Maria Calleja might be the founder of the business, she is not the sole person involved in the company. Everyone from her children and husband, to friends and family encourage her and support her in her endeavour to bring art alive for children. There have been many faces that have assisted in art workshops, fundraisers, and certainly more than one special event. There are also many other companies that Budding Artists could not do without. Take for example, these companies that create wonderful products that Budding Artists promotes and whole-heartedly supports;

  • Glob
  • Clementine Art
  • Artterro
  • Eye Can Art
  • Crazyoleez Crayons
  • Barefoot Books

  • Without them, Budding Artists would be a little slimmer in scope and a little more hard-pressed to present creative ideas to our clients. Not that creativity comes from a company, but quality products go a long way in producing beautiful and artful pieces. And inspiration comes from sources far and wide, including people of all ilks and stripes. The creative minds that lie behind the Budding Artists logo are only stepping stones for the imaginative ideas that spring forth from the children that we touch every day in the hope that we promote a brighter, more artistic future.

    Today, we recognize and thank all of those who help to ensure that Budding Artists exists and thrives. Without you, we would not be here today.

    So I cannot help but turn around and ask you. Who do you touch in your every day life? Who has influenced your imagination and creativity? Who can YOU reach out and touch today?

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