Monday, October 29, 2012

Creative Displays for Children's Artwork

BUDDING ARTISTS MISSION: When parents preserve and promote children's imagination, children value creativity. In an increasingly complicated world, we need future creative problem solvers. Budding Artists makes it easy and fun.

Do you struggle with ideas of what to do with all the artwork that your child creates? While we understand that you cannot keep every piece of artwork that is created, in order to value your child's artistic efforts, it is important that you keep some. Even that can quickly fill up file folders and boxes, if your kids are prolific artists. So what do you do with it to let your children know how much you value their artwork and creativity? How about displaying some of it in creative ways


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  • How about popping a wall in your living room and featuring special selections of art in it? Experiment with different frames, matching or mismatched matting, sizes and more. Go with a theme to the artwork or mix it up according to what artwork you have and love.

  • If you want something less dramatic, why not feature a rotating string of artwork? You can add new artwork as it comes in and remove the oldest artwork from rotation. This idea also incorporates the dilemma of different sized art.

  • Here is a solution that gives your children more control over what gets displayed - clipboards that your children can maintain. For every new piece of art that goes up, the last piece is again removed. It doesn't take up much space or finances, but is pleasing none the less. 

What about taking your favourite art pieces and incorporating them into everyday items? Budding Artists carries a wide range of products that can be personalized with your child's artwork. These items make great Christmas gifts, teacher presents or just a wonderful way to celebrate your child's artwork every day.

Customized Gifts Using Children's Artwork
How do you display your children's artwork?

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