Monday, October 15, 2012

Eye Can Art: A Project with the Layered Wax Drawing Kit

On a lazy, damp Sunday with nothing to do,
a Budding Artists art kit is pulled out with a big Yahoo!
Not any old art on this soggy day
but an EYE CAN ART kit to chase the blues away.

So we opened the can and looked inside
to see what goodies our creativity could guide
Joy, oh bliss, in a small wood frame
"and a set of pastels to decorate it!", we exclaimed.

The girls set out with a vision in mind
their colours were brilliant, all combined
A landscape emerged, a tree I see
with flowers in a row, how pretty!

The last touches added,
and it was ready to go!
One last glimpse
before into the oven, it was stowed.

Just add beeswax


Watch the bubbles
til they stop!

Out it came
all hot, hot hot!

Till it cooled
and the wax did clot

One last task
Before we were through
To decorate on top
and add more colours anew!

My vampire girl
was ever so pleased
with her Eye Can Kit
and the artwork she conceived


Big thanks to Maria & Budding Artists
for the fun Layered Wax Drawing Kit 
that filled our Sunday afternoon
with some creative fun!

It was as easy as...

draw, melt, cool, colour a little more
and hang on the wall to enjoy!

Find more creative art projects online 
or in one of the new Budding Artists workshops
as highlighted below;

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