Saturday, February 18, 2012

Piet Mondrian Inspired Artwork

Today, was all about Piet Mondrian.

First  we played a game. I had six Mondrian style artwork on the wall. The kids rolled a number cube (die) and had to recreate whatever number was on the die. It was a good exercise in spatial awareness and we discussed lines, primary colours and balance.

For the art project, the kids designed Mondrian inspired trivet, I painted each cork bottom trivet  with gesso the night before. After discussing Piet Mondrian's work,  kids created a design on paper. I asked them to make a variety of lines. Two lines should read the end. There should be a total of 5-6 lines. Once they had their lines figured out, they had to choose where they wanted the colours. The only colours available were yellow, red, and blue. I asked them to balance out the colours and to consider the white spaces.

After they finished their designs, they used tape and a  black permanent marker to create thick and thin lines. Then I gave them primary acrylic colours to complete their  design.

Overall, they did a fantastic job.

 Here is one example.

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