Friday, February 18, 2011

Eye Spy!

I received an email from a former colleague, Joyce Contant who shared a really nice literacy project based on the Eye Spy books.  She told them to bring in their toys or found objects. Some picked a theme i.e cars, Hello Kitty, silly bands. Others just used whatever toys or found objects around the classroom. Students had to include a heart somewhere in their collage due to it being a February display. Their riddle followed the same rhythm as the Eye spy books, ensuring at least 12 items in their rhyme to find. The students set up the collage and then they took the photos. She sent me samples. Thanks for sharing, Joyce.

 I spy a lobster, a dragon, and an “R”,
A dolphin, a turtle and a multi-coloured guitar.
I spy a bird, 4 flowers, and a colourful two,
A music note, a star, and a “C” that is blue.
By: Zheyuan Zho

I spy a ballerina, and a mermaid doll,
A button and a little marble ball.
I spy a dime, a penny, and a snowflake,
A red car, a number 3, and a striped cupcake.
I spy a tiny pink purse and an orange square,
A small heart earring and a little white bear.
By: Fadwa Syaed Ahmed

I spy scissors, a red magnet, and a car,

802, a helicopter, and a yummy Kit Kat bar.
I spy a glue stick, and an army guy,
A heart, a fork, a knife, and two red die.
I spy an airplane, and a triangle that's green,
A rocket ship, a stamp, and a small lima bean.
By: Milo & Dawit

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