Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art Soap

I have been wondering what was the best way for kids to paint on soap. I have made soap bars using special laser paper using clear and opaque soap. But it's a more complicated process and kids aren't usually part of the process except to make the artwork.

I wanted an art activity that only required one class to complete.  I was happy to find this idea on a website while doing late night art cruising.  

All you need is one bar of opaque soap like Ivory, acrylic paint, small brushes and paraffin wax.

Yesterday, my daughter decorated two bars of soap.
1. She began by designing an image directly on the soap.
2. While she was painting (1 inch cube), I found a small amount of parafin wax and broke into two small pieces to melt quickly. I chose to use the microwave.
3. Once the art was dried, I quickly dipped the top of the art in the wax ( 3-5 seconds will suffice). Don't let the artwork touch the bottom of the container.
4. Voila! Ready to use or gift wrap. It's an easy activity to do.

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