Wednesday, July 17, 2013

String Art

Today, M wanted to try creating a pie of art using string.  I remember doing this in grade 4 and I loved it so much. So we grabbed a piece of fence I salvaged from the neighbour. I spray painted it black...I am all about quick crafts.  We picked u[p some 1"common nails from our  local hardware store. I wanted 3/4". There weren't any. I am not even sure they come in that size.

I found a free pattern at String Art Fun. Awesome website for anything to do with string art.  I printed out the pattern and nailed the sheet onto the board. I started by placing nails in the key places and let M do the rest. It didn't take long...She's 10 and had good coordination skills.

Once all the nails were in she chose green and purple embroidery thread and followed the directions. Voila! Isn't it a beauty!
She loved doing it so much, she decided to create her own design. We found a maple leaf online and printed it. She drew a heart and then just added the nails and embroidery thread. It's called I love Canada.

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