Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IN YOUR HANDS: A Focus on Sculpture

Sample Masterpiece Created
Via the Help of 2 Hands Clay
Budding Artists has a very special treat for you this weekend during our Master Series children's art workshop. Not only will we be featuring Henry Moore on Saturday, June 2, 2012, but the workshops are going to be run by our friends at 2 Hands Clay! They go to birthday parties, classrooms, into the homes of seniors, folks with special needs, and to pretty much any group that desires to play with clay (think church groups, mom & tot groups, women's groups and more), but this week they will be at the London Farmer's Market at 10:30am and 1pm sharing their clay creations with Budding Artists and a lucky group of children. How cool is that?!

Moore's creative process
So why do you think we asked 2 Hands Clay to help out with this week's children's art workshop? For those of you who suggested it was because Henry Moore was a sculptor, you'd be correct! In fact, Moore was well known for his drawings, textiles and graphics, but it was his sculptures that helped to propel him into the role of Master Artist and brought him fame around the world. Just as Budding Artists hopes your children are, he too was interested in sculpture and art from an early age. After briefly serving in World War I, Moore attended Leeds School of Art where he excelled to the point of winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art in London in 1921.

The creative process of a child
This experience helped to start a career in the arts for Moore that we hope your own budding artists can aspire to as well. The folks at 2 Hands Clay provide the materials and a few ideas to spark some creativity, but the process is all in the hands of the creator. Just as Moore molded his creations from the influences of the world around him, as well as a vision in his mind's eye (plus a maquette or two), so too will your child, under the guidance of 2 Hands Clay, create their own masterpiece. Have clay, will create!

Reclining Figure
Moore created thousands of sculptures over his 88 years, but this weekend the process is all about your kids. Where Moore specialized in fluid forms, African motifs, female figures and family groupings, what form do you think your children will pull out of the clay? His figures were often seen reclining and featured piercings that gave an abstract air to the sculptures. Your child will have an opportunity to mold the piece of clay they receive into a form that works for them, adding colours as their creativity fancies them. With a little more encouragement, perhaps one day your child's creativity and future sculptures will grow larger, just as Moore's did when the demand for his public art commissions increased.

Only time will tell, but giving your child an opportunity to explore is the first step. What do you think your little artist can create in 90 minutes of fun and clay adventure with the help of 2 Hands Clay? Sign your kids up today and watch their vision sculpt the future. See you Saturday!

2 Hands Clay Adventure

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  1. what a great idea! love these creations. London has so much to offer. I just bought my dream house from brian van bart, he is the best real estate agent i think (http://www.vanbart.ca) and now i think i will do this 2hands thing for my daughters birthday. thanks!