Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Wall of Art

So the art work comes home from school, you admire it, then wonder 'what now'. Turning to the pile of artwork that has come home recently, you find a mountain growing. If you want to encourage your budding artist, but aren't sure how best to do that without drowning in kid art, then take a look at this fun idea that I came across over at ohdeedoh.com.

Source: ohdeedoh.com via Maria on Pinterest

Isn't that amazing! A wall dedicated to kids artwork! Not in a messy, can't-see-a-thing kind of way though. If you have a wall that is begging for a bit of colour, you could do this too. All you need is a few frames and the art work to go in them. You can either pick the frames first, then have your children create the artwork on appropriate sized paper or start with already existing art work that you feel wows you and find frames to make it pop.

Once the frames are arranged on the wall, you might also decide to make it a rotating photo gallery. Once a month you could add new artwork, either cropped  or matted to fit your frames, or have a special art session that is all about your art wall. If you have an art session, then you could even colour coordinate your masterpieces. Another thought might be to have a theme for the month, ie. still life with fruit, silhouettes, art work in the style of your favourite artist (Munch anyone?). The sky is the limit as far as creativity goes.

I also love the chalk board at the bottom - a perfect height for kids! If you want to make the wall even more interactive, you could add the chalkboard, or make the whole wall a chalk board! Keeping it framed at the bottom gives a semblance of neatness that some might find appealing, but having the whole wall a chalk board might be fun too. That way your child can practice their writing, while adding a title to their pieces. You might be adding a whole new aspect to the creative process!

Yes, that mountain of artwork will now seem like a mole hill, I suspect. Your child will be so proud to show off their artwork to their friends, neighbours and Grandma when she comes to visit. You can feel good too, knowing that you are helping to develop your child's creativity and sense of self-worth in a way that is a pleasure for all to enjoy. Here's a project to get your Mom of the Week stars right here!

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