Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Aero Art Bar

The Ithaca Fine Chocolate Company  (Ithaca, NY) produces certified fair trade organic chocolate bars. I, especially love the Art Bars. Each bar contain art cards that can be found in between the label and the wrapper. It was fun to buy and more fun to eat. Every bar had a different image of artwork that was available for purchase from the company.

I was thinking of them recently and it gave me the idea of using children's artwork on the label. I also found it in a book called D.I.Y. Kids. So today, I went out with my son and we purchased an Aero bar and a Caramilk bar. They seemed smaller than I what I remember from childhood. These are the results. I really like how they turned out so I am planning on buying the better chocolate and making a bunch of them. I am thinking they would be great as hostess gifts and for our annual family birthday gathering in September.

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