Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Everything Starts From A Dot"

This coming weekend, Budding Artists featured artist of the week for our Children's Art Workshop is Wassily Kandinsky. Kandindsky was an abstract painter that lived from Dec. 16, 1866 to Dec 13, 1944. He was far more than just a painter though. Kandinsky delved into the world of form and colour and made it his own. He also was an important art theorist in his day, forming several art groups, the most famous of which was "The Blue Rider". Over the course of his artistic career, he worked through a variety of styles including colourful landscapes in his earlier years, to geometric depictions with a focus on point and lines, and finally to a complete embrace of  'abstract art' where emotion and spirituality were born and as he describes,

"Everything starts from a dot."  Kandinsky

Source: flickr.com via steena on Pinterest

So starting with that dot and some inspiration found on Pinterest, I thought we could explore some art work that speaks in Kandinsky's art styles today. Shown here are some "Autumn Trees" that would please any budding artist's sense of colour, and incidentally what Kandinsky was a master at.

The Crafty Crow showcased a great collaborative style mural that would be great for any art class to attempt. Just add lots of paint, encourage a wee bit of colour mixing and see what comes out of this art project. Once individual squares are all attached together, you will have an art project that everyone will appreciate.

Source: riversoftheworld.org via Sarah on Pinterest

And if this doesn't scream Kandinsky, then I don't know what does. This clever display is done via felt making! Hmm, another medium to explore.

Or if you'd rather explore 3-D art, then take a look at this beautiful mural done by some primary aged pupils at a Boston school. That is a masterpiece that would be a proud addition to any school hallway, in my humble opinion.

So how do you start with a dot? What does your circle represent? Share some of your favourite Kandinsky inspired artwork with us!

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  1. Amazing! You have given me so many wonderful ideas. Now how to teach this to my kindergarteners?