Friday, March 4, 2011

Restaurant Art Fun

I love it when restaurants provide crayons and paper. It keeps the kids busy. Usually, we play a game of guess the picture. Tonight, we were out  with my daughter's ringette team tonight and we sat with  Jakob and his dad, Brad. They were deeply engaged in a scribble game. Watching them, generated an interesting conversation on creativity.

The games was simple. One would make a scribble and the other would try to find a picture within the scribble. So simple and yet so engaging.

Look for the original scribble and can you see how Jakob transforms it to something more. My favourite is the one on the left.  I promised him I would put it on a T-shirt for his Dad. Come back next week to see the finished product.

What other art games have you played in a restaurant using the crayons provided?

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